128 results UFC: Rashad Evans vs. Jon Jones? Consider it done

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It did not take long. All I had to go to a hierarchy of UFC fighters and both have the same field, both at the top of their division. Keith Jardine and Rashad Evans were teammates in the same department, but never to fight against each other (at least two seas message  The Ultimate Fighter ), because he shall never occupy the same space hierarachy. Jon Jones and Evans did not have that luxury.

The date was not disclosed. No place. We do not know what UFC. But for the first time clearly showed in the history of the UFC, fighting teammates in high-level itself. As we have seen today evening, former heavyweight champion Rashad Evans UFC champion Mauricio Rua vs. Jon Jones was promised. Jones won with ease, it is now in front of his teammates.

The recognition of the fight from UFC commentator Joe Rogan was freezing to say the least. Neither seemed particularly happy about it.
This moment is bigger than most think. Two months ago, both had sworn never to fight against each other. Coach Greg Jackson says he wants nothing from him.
But now they basically have no choice. Evans is not ready to fall in the average weight. Jones is certainly not to give his title. They want each other, not by artificial pressure, but because they are on a collision course, of course.

This fight will break the ice for the debate against his teammate teammate Mixed Martial Arts. Not that this fight is the door to their peers (and actually use this term very vaguely) not to fight each other regardless of concern. conditions are, how and when these battles occur will be placed. But the prohibitive position against it immediately disappears.

Players battle against his teammates. It will not happen often, and it will not be easy. But time could be avoided in the same division is completed. Designs in the 128 CFU. It is possible due to knee Rashad Evans and Jon Jones for this paradigm shift.

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