15 Terrific Online Matter of Global Warming todays

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No problem is more global than global warming: every person on Earth the same environment. In this online todays, There are seven almost indisputable facts about global warming: (1) the earth warmed about 1 degree (Fahrenheit 0th 6 degrees Celsius) at the end of the last century, (2), even small temperature changes can significant effects, (3) the amount of warming is unprecedented, even for millions of years, (4) increase in sea level and seven fifty-six inches (ten to twenty centimeters) at the end of the last century (5) small changes in the sea ​​level produces large impact, such as one meter rise could inundate low-lying areas worldwide, from Florida to Bangladesh, (6), there was a huge increase in gases that cause greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere, the most anticipated level 20000000 of years and rose to high speed for at least the last 20,000 years, and (7) is very likely to increase to a temperature of download speed, with a slightly higher concentration of greenhouse gases into the results of a major change in time in the recent years.

1. Did you know that in reality there are many things that you do to can relieve the symptoms of global warming?
One of them is connected to an electrical current of electronic devices, even when not activated. And again, as I do that save you 40-50% of the cost of our consumption of electricity each month.

2. Did you know that plastic bags a trigger to the seriousness of global warming?
This is because plastic bags take 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill (landfill). And in the process of elimination, the chemical cycles, the heat from the earth.
Approximately 300 million plastic bags thrown away each year in Indonesia. Not to mention dumped into the river behind the house and places wrong.

3. Do you know how much imbalance between the world paper consumption and the natural resources of raw materials are? For example, for 10 kg of newspapers for sale are ready, flea market need is a tree that is over 10 years. Especially for the size of paper you need a lot.
Worse, today announced the availability of raw materials and paper are weak.

4. Do you know what the code is packaged as a container of bottled water for human consumption?
To put it simply. Please follow the signs, such as beverage bottles. If the code number printed on 2, 3 or 4, they are safe. Besides the numbers, not sure, obviously, because you could eat the plastic.

5. Did you know that one of the largest sources of waste paper? Sheet of paper on the reception of the ATM transaction. Each year about 8 million ATM transactions, the edges of the transaction sheet. And if all this is combined do not play much.

6. Do you know how much paper can be canceled if you are not the ATM transaction receipt?
If in the course of paper not used ATM transaction receipt, which you store a large roll of paper that can be used to encircle the equator 15 times means.

7. Do you have a minimum, as many types of waste in the house?
A minimum of two. First, for wet waste (food waste and food, leaves, drinks) and two dry waste (bottles, plastic, paper, glass). Therefore, we have helped to reduce the contamination of water, air and soil. Even better, the separation of waste into four types, namely plastics (food packaging, bags of crack cocaine, bags of food), households (chicken bones, the other capcay, bad food), paper (fried food packaging, diapers, baby wipes, the were used), metal (cans milk, canned food) and glass.

8. Did you know that only took two months for composting household waste which can be used as fertilizer for plants?

9. Did you know what to do or polar bear polar bears when PEMAS world threatened?
Animals can not really swim, swim 30 km forced into an oasis of ice found. You see, ice has been melting earlier in shelters, because the increase in temperature on Earth.

10. Did you know that the air temperature has risen to 1.4 degrees Celsius of the Earth in 127 years?

11. Do you know what a man has been a very good result if global warming continues to threaten?
Iceberg in the Arctic will melt completely in 2040. This means that the earth is immersed in water, and we are threatened with extinction because they had lost their homes.

12. Did you know that there are currently only 27 icebergs from the Arctic that can be identified from 150 recorded in 1910?

13. Did you know that the industry worldwide to produce gas from 332 BMT CO2 per day?
An estimated 30% larger than the absorbing capacity of all plants on earth.

14. Do you know one of the effects of global warming that happened today?
Surface temperatures of the sea has risen by 0.6 degrees Celsius over the past 25 years, and the flood on the link in the world rose by an average of about 14 cm in the last 10 years.

15. Did you know that the U.S. withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol has resulted in increased emissions of carbon dioxide emissions by 20% from the original estimate?
North America (U.S. and Canada) accounted for 36% and the rest of the carbon dioxide exhaust in the world. In second place with 13.2% of the European Union. China ranked third with 12.4%, along with Russia and the former share of 6.7% and Japan with 5%. Final States in this collection in India, 3.3% and to make in South Korea by 2.4%.
The combination of the developed industrialized countries (24 countries) accounted for 80% of global emissions of carbon dioxide. While 20% of the remainder is divided equally among the 159 other countries.

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