3 Ways to Increase Alexa Rank Blog / Website

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Alexa Web site should have been familiar to most Internet users, a Web site that the classification based on the amount of traffic that a site had to demonstrate based. In fact, because of its popularity is Alexa ranking, a benchmark standard for a successful website. The lower receive the classification, eyeing the Web.
But good grades do not mean that the site is safe for visitors, emphasized the need for Internet users. The following analysis is obtained from various sources to provide.

On this occasion, I would  raise three possibilities, Alexa Rank on your blog or website.  Update the article on the How can he or suggestions? Well .. read on.

The possibility of a large number of bloggers who are still a novice or beginners in the world of the Internet who do not know what Alexa Rank. What is the Alexa ranking?
Alexa ranking is based on a blog or website on the credibility of these links, high traffic and of course, is based a lot of visitors.

1. Friends with the Alexa ranking is to use the tools by Alexa. The traffic is Alexa, Alexa Toolbar, Alexa widgets, etc.

2. Blog Walking and a floor is open to a great backlink berPageRank follow links, and according to visitors to your blog topic.

3. Trying to one or more keywords that right in all or potions of the article to draw on his blog. And remember, hard-working, hard-working update to your blog or website.

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Catatan si Boy said...

it's right bro, I have installed alexa toolbar and also do blogwalking.. hehe.. :D

yoga said...

sure broo,, nice blog.. :)

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