Are you proactive or reactive?

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Are you proactive or reactive to the challenges of life? Raise your hands and act as if you have absolutely no control over what is happening is not good. It is reactive and getting caught. Proactively to be taking the initiative and act to meet any challenge with confidence, clear and balanced requirements.

Life experiences can be stressful. Things are constantly changing, there are new challenges Reserved. How do you deal with this will have a major impact on the effects of well-being. You can proactively or reactively in life.

Sounds simple enough. But circumstances can prevent just that all it can be. The move from a reactive to a proactive stance to realize that the mentality that it has.

Because of their attitude and behavior of the flow of their paradigms, if you use your self-confidence to the test, you can often see the underlying nature of their mentality. The language of the reactive absolve people of responsibility. This brings us to a self-fulfilling prophecy. You will end the presentation of evidence to support this assumption. Blame external forces for their situation.

Whenever you are with words like: I can not, it's too hard, no one told me ... Basically, this means that the power to change someone or something, instead of the same responsibility. Here are the measures to raise awareness in all will be hearing those words, stop immediately!
Remember, you choose how you react to the experience. You can use the funds to go forward.

Apart from the fact that the words you speak, there are many other ways to reinforce a proactive attitude. Here is a list of areas you want to work. It all starts from within. Change your inner thoughts and change the outside world!

1. Take an honest look at themselves. What are your strengths, weaknesses, skills? How this influence is positive or negative, their dreams and goals?

2. Improve self care.Major changes are physically and emotionally exhausting. Self-Care is needed now more than ever.

3. Involve your curiosity.What right or wrong? What could be done better? What works?

4. Concentrate on what you want and less of what you do not want. Focus on your dream.

5. Search again support.You  not alone. Communication with people in your life who support and encouragement.

6. Working in his words thoughts.Use empowerment. Keep out of your vocabulary words like  can not, no, I do not like, or just know.

7. You trust yourself to relax and stay calm. You have the tools to navigate to the circumstances or resources to find these tools.

8. Create your own rites and rituals of the passage.Ceremonies help you make the changes. As the desire to change their thinking to achieve a simple ceremony to his old way of thinking to solve. Essentially, you put to rest, she buried forever.

9. Let how things were  supposed  and accept  how things are.  Found appreciation for what it is.

10. Keep things in perspective.Or try a new perspective. Do not be down to. Note that the only constant is change in life.

Remember, life does not always develop as we had expected. You can take a more active role in your life by understanding that the choice of how you react to the experience.

If you have a challenge in your life and face you're not sure about the steps to find your balance, do not hesitate to contact me. We discuss some of the ways that you can carry on as you.

Val Wilcox is a lecturer, author and trainer who specializes in the education of their life dreams, life has. Her passion is helping people discover their dreams and navigate the life transitions of interesting challenges. Success has many faces and different looks to each and every one of us. The discovery of his life dreams unlock the key to a better life.

With over 10 years experience in management training for staff development, Val brings a wealth of skills and experience of their coach.

Val gift today is an electronic book designed to get you started on your journey of discovery. This will change as my opinion ... Change your life. All of this is their life, that it should be considered? Discover the secrets to create a spectacular life. Discover how simple changes in their thinking can Empower.
A life full of endless possibilities.

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