Banana skin clean water for heavy metals

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Banana skin against pollution of heavy metals in river water to fight.
Researchers at the Institute of Biosciences of Botucatu, Brazil, found that banana peel is used to heavy metals that pollute the water to draw.
Not only know that its better performance than other techniques,  Gustavo Castro, said researchers at the Institute of Biosciences.

Castro and his colleagues have dried banana peels. After mixing the banana skin with water. The result, as described Castro, drinking water from the metal.  The metal will adhere to the skin banana,  said Castro. He added that the ability to win, banana peel on other metallic materials.

Metal contaminants in water is extracted usually with silica, cellulose and alumina. Drinking water is expensive and has side effects.

Although the ability of a banana skin Castro has demonstrated, it was proposed to bring home to clean water. Tap water usually contains no metal.
On the other hand, the layman would not compete in a position to metal in the water. The research results were published in the journal Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research is the industry published.

Besides bananas, the researchers tried on other crops such as apples, sugar cane waste, coconut fiber and shells peanuts for clean water toxins.

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