Blind Dog leads His master, Who is also Blind

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Dogs are loyal friends of human loyalty and undisputed. It is a blind appointed Graham Wasp his activity all, especially outside in Stowmarket, Suffolk, England, is very dependent on Edward, who became her dog penuntunnya for 6 years.

Edward is a well behaved dog. It is my opinion and I could read my mind has, Graham Edward have much luck. Sensation of a GPS enabled device automatically vote, simply say  the market,  Edward in the market place.

But of course stopped the pair, after the team vet vicious convict Edwards cataracts, and  make  eyeballs.

The End! Sad ending! End of history, both Graham and former leader Edward can in the house caught. Meanwhile, his wife Sandra could not bear the whole time.

But before long, the new guide has arrived.

For his services to this family, Edward is allowed to stay together and continue the ongoing activities that previously with Graham. But the task as leaders, were welcomed by Opal, dog leads his master, who is blind and a blind dog.

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