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Of all these tips to look, feel, really too young to be the most important thing to remember: eat don `t waste, don` t waste inhalation, don `t drink on, and don` t waste your skin tighten. Get a nice skin young looking, full hair live without or with very little gray, perfect teeth, no cavities, and bright eyes. You feel strong, alert and youth. OLM will enjoy life.

Eat right that means a lot to eat raw fruits and vegetables. A variety of vegetables should be your first base. No vitamins, green smoothie or serum that results in better health than a diet consisting mainly of fresh material. If you find a local farm, to purchase the rotation of the farming practices many vegetables as possible. You will notice a big difference in your health almost immediately.

Eating well is the best way is get phytochemicals, minerals, accounts, antioxidants, enzymes and other nutrients that don `t even know. For further advice on the integration of raw foods in the diet, check out our first article in this issue of nutrition.

Remove Toxins Obviously, don `t smoke. And do not eat refined sugar or drink alcohol, and do everything to reduce your body's toxic load. younger and younger feel everything from the health, especially about your body's food-related toxins.

Watch your SkinThis is to say, where most  experts  to moisturize and use sunscreen. We are not. Healthy skin comes from within. If you eat well and exercise and you still have bad skin, you need to detoxify. Collagen and enzymes can help give you a healthy skin as well (see below). We don `t recommend the make-up, I don` t recommend moisturizers, and don `t recommend washing the face regularly. But if you can have a system of the face do no better than Terressentials (click to read the review) is required. We love this skin care company. They are absolutely phenomenal.

Conventional skin care products, including those that attract requirement mentioned in some organic ingredients, feels your skin firm, fresh, clean and dressed. But to detoxify the skin as it contains important oils Strip. A day later, his skin is worse than before. The product is used again and feel a little better. The cycle of addiction begins, although many people don `t make her skin was actually better than before they tried the product.

Take care of yourself hair losing hair and / or go gray certainly look older. The best way to slow this process should be as healthy as possible. Gray hair is a sign of lack of minerals (copper and possibly others). Hair loss is a sign of a toxic lifestyle in general. If your diet is not healthy (and / or smoking or other drugs), the blood becomes too thick. This is what causes hypertension. Your heart beats faster to get the blood. Don `t the opportunity to work in the hair follicles.

Don `t use shampoo and conditioner conventional head. The best hair care products have tried so far come from Morocco (method, click here to read the review).
Right training WayDon `t that heavy lifting or aerobics classes, jogging or doing the same thing every time you in the gym. Mixture. The development of the ability of the real world of practice with many different exercises and routines. The recovery time is essential. Mix, you can eat your routine right and you can practice every day and still allows your body to relax more and more work. A good exercise program simulates an active lifestyle and the development of the  real world  effect.

Our editor lifts weights, practices yoga and martial arts, lots of body weight exercises, cycling, and used different cardio machines in the gym. He also works anywhere between 1 and 3 times per day, 4-7 days per week.  I listen to my body, but also make pressure,  says Michael. Some exercises such as pumps and many body weight squats, as he can, as fast as you can. Other exercises include a bike ride or 60 miles routine of 90 minutes in the gym.

Cold and Hydro Therapy second a healthy diet, hydrotherapy, hot and cold is the best thing you do to cleanse the blood and can restore vitality. It can cure many diseases.
See our article in Issue 3 and discover why it is so important and how to make these arrangements.
best way to get many EnzymesThe enzymes in food, the food is to follow firsttip fresh and raw. Also, eat pineapple and papaya for many enzymes (both have fresh, raw or enzymes). You can also use a systemic enzyme? Vitalzym? This helps your body get rid of foreign proteins. Keep digestive enzymes in hand, if you don `t eat so healthy.

For more information on enzymes, enzyme-sale here in this section.
CollagenDr. Tim O `Shea, one of our partner, offers a collagen supplement on its Web site assured us of the highest quality. We are by some doctors said that if you like Vitalzym systemic enzyme therapy have alternately enzyme supplement and collagen on a weekly basis, such as enzymes as a foreign protein collagen and collagen to make it unnecessary. We `re not sure if this is true, but it seems plausible.

Quiet Down Don `t that some issues get little or angry. Don `t even that big things that bother you too much. If you have bad mood, learn to let things go for you. If someone tries to do for you, then don `t let them win. If anyone you want without the trouble, why? Rabies is very bad for us. Hate is bad for us. Life is too short.
relax and learn to stop the smell of roses. Enjoy and appreciate life. Relax. Meditate. To be considered. Even if it didn `t help you live longer,  the meaning of life is a long and healthy life if you don `ts made fun?
Do what makes you happy

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