Fraud baiting new social network

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Bait phishers continue to use new and different that everyone has the same goal. ( The latest report, published monthly spam report by Symantec in recent months, new trends in fraudulent websites (phishing) that the social-networking brands have dominated.

In an attempt to trick users use cheats a lot of new tactics and bait. reveal that the target for them for the user to reveal personal data.

One example is a phishing site named  webcam  and features a picture of the webcam on their websites Phishing, Symantec said in its report, 31 January 2010.

Here are the Web site the impression that they interact facilities provide webcam users in social networks. In fact, the original site has no facilities.

The second method, according to Symantec, fraudsters use pornography as a lure to steal users' personal data. Way, phishing Web site, which claims that a social networking site has a new edition published for adult users.
 Changing the Network Settings  news  is impressive that the user scandals adult video recorded by hidden cameras view,  said Symantec.
He also claims that users of the site can also interact phisihing and call the adult cat,  Symantec.

In the process of this scam, fraudsters are on the ground that the user to get the latest news about famous actresses scandals. The site also contains sexually explicit material. The appearance of the website created to enhance the appeal of pornography.

The third method was the bait used a false offer in the form of software piracy (hacking software). Site fraudsters who use this method to content, which is a bit like an alternate version of a social network devoted to professional hackers have modified.

Phishers continue to use other means to win is new and different that everyone has the same goal. Making the user confidence that they will benefit from it if they information and access to sites they do is,  says Symantec.

However, Symantec said, of course, if users victims of fraud, phishing successfully steal your confidential information for identity theft.

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