Google Android 3.0 Available

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Events faster than honeycomb to predict the presence of the Apple iPad second

Google will give a press conference this week, until Wednesday 2 February, 2011, present the latest version of its operating system, Android 3.0, or known by the code name for the hive.

Slightly different than previous versions, will operate the unit honeycomb especially on a Tablet PC. Google train is considered very fast, given the news last week by the Mountain View Internet giant has released a preview of the Platform SDK.

As we know, the platform offers a platform SDK for developers to create applications for use in the honeycomb.

According to reports from All Things Digital, on Wednesday, Google honeycomb penetration depth, which is the underlying technology, how they work, and so on.
rapid movement of Google, like Apple has been rumored iPad 2 ready to launch in the near future.

At the same event, the reports show that Google honeycomb is embedded in the compact Motorola Xoom. Technicians also explain in detail the features of Motorola's Android operating system 3.0Intrigued Xoom? This Tablet PC is making the first device with the operating system Android Beehive. This product has also demonstrated at CES in 2011 halted for a while.

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