Great Inovation Todays by A Pair of Love Seats

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A bus company in Copenhagen great innovation by a pair of love seats in 103 vehicles. The chairs are for passengers to do new friends or even more.

Even love at first sight appear on the bus,  Arriva spokesman said in the United Kingdom, the existence of two seats on each bus to explain covered with a red cloth seats and a sign of love todays.

You never know what will happen,  said Online spokesman Martin Wex.

We can not guarantee that a person of your dreams. We only offer the opportunity for people to communicate, do smile, and find perhaps fall in love with somebody,  he said.

This development, according to the testimony of the driver, you can change the mood of the passengers on the bus for two weeks,  said Wex.

In addition to supporting the customer relationship, love seats experiment is to convince motorists to leave their cars at home and selecting equipment that is becoming increasingly popular in public transport.

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