History of the Emergence of Homosexual / Gay

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Really do not know since when differences occur between the sexes, but since the first people to do already or pedestrian deviations gender relations and gender manjalin. Differences in sexuality and relationships between same sex were studied in the scriptures and historical stories.

In 1869, you create a physician, Dr. KM Kertbeny German-Hungarian isitlah homosexuals or homosexuality. Homo itself comes from Greek words that mean the same thing, and that sex means sex. This term refers to the deviation of the sexual habits of a person who loves his own kind, for example, men and women or men and women.

In the 20th Century, more gay or Maho-Maho gaulnya language seemed to be the emergence of gay communities in major cities in the Netherlands back in 1920 all these years.

Around 1968, in 1968 becoming known transvestite isitilah taken from the air and said Adam. The word someone drag show for a man of a different, act like women.

1969 1969 New York Stonewall riots took place where transvestites and gays against police repression that everything happened in a bar called the Stonewall Inn. This resistance is the first step of transvestites and homosexuals, in the dissemination of its existence.

The term transsexual transvestite famous because of the objections that some Islamic leaders, as the name of a prophet, that is, Adam in 1981 included: the development of new symptoms later known as AIDS. This disease has been found among MSM in major American cities, is well known that HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Transmission of HIV / AIDS has spread mainly through unprotected anal intercourse between men.

After the onset of many gay organizations around the world begin to issues of human rights on a fag and gay discussed. 1993: Sexual orientation issues on the agenda of the United Nations Conference on Human Rights in Vienna, Austria, but the opposition of conservative countries, including Singapore. But in 1990 the United States, San Francisco began its international position of the organization and Gay Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC).

In 1994, on issues of sexual orientation change the color of the debate at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD, Cairo, Egypt), calling on the Conservative Party. Indonesia has explicitly rejected. In the same year South Africa was the first country to non-discrimination based on sexual orientation in the Constitution guaranteed.

Because of discrimination against homosexuals and transvestites lesbian issues in 1995, sexual orientation, defended by lesbian / gay / transvestite, which is located at the World Conference on Women in Beijing 2, China. Back conservative parties, including the Vatican and Iran to oppose. Indonesia has also opposed.

In April 2001 the Netherlands became the first country to approve the marriage for everyone (including gays and lesbians). One of the couples who have Canadian citizens or residents of the Netherlands will get married.

From 2001 to 2003 against the immoral issue of human rights is increasingly the results of racism and discrimination is discussed by the parties. It is increasingly clear when Brazil proposed that the High Commissioner for Human Rights to include sexual orientation as an aspect of human rights. Delay in decision making. It urged the Vatican to governments in the rest of Latin America to reject this proposal.

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