How Netflix pushes the envelope with the project Fincher-Spacey, House of Cards

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How Netflix pushes the envelope with the project Fincher-Spacey,  House of Cards,  said Reed Hastings, CEO of investors was not interested in  creative risks.  However, his company is betting rumored 100 million U.S. dollars for 26 episodes of a series that no one has seen - is largely based on  intuition  and the image of David Fincher and Kevin Spacey.

Of course, many were surprised last week when it was revealed that Netflix has surpassed HBO and AMC for the rights of House of Cards, is developing a TV series originally created by David Fincher and Kevin Spacey. Despite the undeniable talent Fincher and Kevin Spacey and repeated assurances from Netflix, there is no doubt that the company takes a significant risk here. This is the first TV series of the output from Netflix (users can see through streams) - Normally, the company which licenses the already produced and aired on cable TV network. And it is the commitment to the series for two seasons and 26 episodes - before the driver was created - in a case that could be worth more than $ 100,000,000.

Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Saranda announced the agreement Thursday for the  incredible talent as an actress by Kevin Spacey, the  unique perspective highlight  by David Fincher, and the rich history of the series and timeless.  How is this not a risk of creating a measure tantamount away from the core competence of the company is not guess Netflix House of Cards, a great success - exactly what Hastings told investors that the company does not?

As with any TV executive agrees, without plaster or fabric can guarantee a successful program. Remember, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? The highly hyped NBC in many ways had the same  perfect storm  of talent like a house of cards. The show played Matthew Perry Friends, West Wing by Bradley Whitford, Amanda Peet, and was directed by the legendary wordsmith Aaron Sorkin. NBC, so confident in the potential of the series, directed (only) 22 episodes before the pilot was even filmed. Sound familiar?

After a good start but Studio 60 notes fell off a cliff, and the network carried the show after one season. Netflix hanging of two (short) season of the series, at least, whether the tanks.

Swasey said Netflix basis of his decision to leave the House of Cards data engine with the recommendation of enterprise content that a hearing to determine whether the problem was allowed to Netflix.  A lot of it is driven from our recommendations for the algorithmic software,  he said.
We know what our members and see.  But he adds that  intuition  has left an important role in deciding the series played.

The real question is whether Netflix  intuition  to get the original content is in the circle of competence Hastings confirmed in January. HBO, Showtime, AMC - the major cable networks have to be the next big series (True Blood, Weeds, Mad Men) to find Netflix has an algorithm for calculating the popularity of David Fincher and Kevin Spacey, or political dramas, but not prove. to that House of Cards will be successful.  Here, you must first recognize that there is a low risk, and two, marrying the logic and discipline with a good healthy dose of intuition,  says Swasey.

There is no formula,  he says.  There is no manual on the platform and pull down say:  How can I start an Internet movie distribution company?  We write this book.

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