Japan limits of the Normal Radiation 10,000 times

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The leakage of nuclear reactors in the province (department) of the Fukushima Daiichi, Japan, remains a serious threat. Exposure to radiation around nuclear power plants, has even 10,000 times the normal limit is reached.  As cited on page Telegraph, conditions that increase the fears of leakage of steel tubes and concrete wall around the reactors.

Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, said that risked workers who fought to the reactor of the Fukushima's his life to stabilize.  The situation is very serious remains Fukushima Daiichi and we must remain vigilant,  he said.

Japanese officials say, explaining the need for further research, such as the pool of water when it is crossed by three employees to can replace the cable in reactor number 3 with iodine, cesium, cobalt, and the presence of 10 000 times the normal limit be dirty.

Today, tracking data show the number 3 reactor retain certain features of the arrest, but probably damaged,  said Hidehiko Nishiyama, a spokesman for the Nuclear Agency of Japan.

The potential damage of the steel barrier in reactor number 3 has sparked new fears and worries. But recently, government officials explained that the increase was attributable to higher radiation by a leak in the reactor openings.

A total of 700 workers, including nuclear experts, technicians, and move the fire is still difficult to six nuclear reactors in nuclear power plants, heavy with the earthquake and tsunami 9 11 on the Richter scale March OTU stabilize damaged.

Three workers were hurt in the number of workers who are victims to 17 persons. More than 100 mSv radiation in the system are exposed, has to cause the amount of the annual exhibition, the potential cancer.

The effects of radiation leaks have led a number of food and water.  Nuclear Disaster and serious pollution of the local food and agricultural products caused,  said agency official quarantine of China, would increase the monitoring of imported products from Japan.

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