Mini Skirt Ban Use Russian Parliament

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All the women parliamentarians in Russia, the new code of ethics that includes the prohibition of wearing a mini skirt. Rules which are effective immediately apply complex for all women in parliament.  The dress code was implemented to the image of the Russian Duma [Parliament], the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets improve the Telegraph quoted.

In the grain of the Code, all women invited in the complex of Parliament, a professional style that is characterized by formality, educated, cultivated and propose.

The implementation of codes of conduct that should reduce the buffer pointed criticism about the number of women in Parliament complex was wearing a miniskirt and low chest slot.

In addition to the dress codes, codes of ethics also called for the legislature to reduce direct contact with journalists. All matters relating to Parliament's work should be answered by a press conference with polished style.

They also asked not to be arrogant and rude act to prevent during the task. Russian Duma is famous for his kind of sound arguments, and even quite often lead to fighting in the courtroom.

Regard to dress, was Alina Kabaeva, 25, one of the women members of the center. Former Russian gymnastic athlete, whose name was in 2008 because of rumors about the marriage with Vladimir Putin was simply a synonym for sexy underwear styles.

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