Mystery Mile Malin Kundang revealed at Oxford University

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Scientists at the University of Oxford has solved the mystery of the stone on the floor Minang Malin Kundang.
Thus, the stone figure believed similarly long Malin Kundang these figures, folklore Minang, to a mere legend.
But experts now know that the stone held with the ingredients typical of advanced capabilities to overcome formula recipe Indonesia, the mummy in Egypt.

Malin Kundang secret formula revealed later discovered the remains of the liquid in the bottle, safely buried near the stone Malin Kundang.

On the bottle label is clearly written:  Evil,  which means  devil.  call around the city and the people of Indonesia in general, used to  Formaldehyde is a secret recipe from the common ancestor to keep on corpses, but because of rising fuel prices and a prolonged crisis, formalin is widely used to preserve traditional knowledge, fish sauce , meatballs, noodles moist and of course ... the body, as seen in Malin Kundang stone to remain in the country now receive Minang.

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