PageRank Blog Optimization Increases the Speed of Loading

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One way that Google PageRank is to increase the speed of loading of the blog. Apparently, Google and blogs, a quick charge.  Proof is the existence of my blog to Google PR experience problems downloading a short time to get. This blog is to present only two positions, ..

Blog is created in June 2010, it means that the blog in 9 months, he also broke eggs and led to Google PR, Alexa ranking with more than 10,000, and the views of Yahoo only 12 backlinks.

Take installed as useful widgets widgets blog download speed is slower. Set the widget that is considered essential, as the most recent post, label, archive, and the visitor when necessary.

Fix the HTML code for the removal of a blog space (space) and removal of components that do not require such

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azrut cobain said...

Gan udah dipasang linknya di Blogger My Blog.. silahkan dicheck di SINI.. pasang baliknya gan...

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