A Planet that could have been Found to Human Life

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A spacecraft U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA has found a small, rocky planets beyond our solar system ever, the sun. So the official statement on Monday.

Exoplanets - so called because the stars that orbit other than the sun - called Kepler-10b. This planet the size of 1.4 times the diameter of the Earth and has more than eight months have made observations and collect data, the agency said. It is the first rocky planet found, or the earth.

All the best ability of the Kepler had gathered around the first solid evidence of a rocky planet orbiting a star other than our sun to produce,  said Natalie Batalha, vice president of the mission science team for NASA.  Tim Kepler began in 2010 for signs of a small planet in the data, and went off.  Kepler-10b size and composition of the rocky terrain, it would be like the earth, instead of gas planets contain liquid, and let the life of many types of organisms if the distance is possible, says NASA. The distance of the planet is 20 times closer than Mercury to the sun.

Kepler's star distance-10b is about 560 light years from Earth, said NASA. However, this discovery makes scientists are optimistic about something you know.  Although this planet is habitable zone, it's interesting, you can explore in the future,  said program scientist Kepler, Douglas Hudgins.

This mission is the first institution to be able to find Earth-sized planet near the habitable zone. The distance from the star allows you to keep the water and the potential for life.

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