St. Patrick's Historic Version of the Short Day

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Day of St. Patrick, each year on 17 March. Today is the day of acceptance in 493 EC of the death of St. Patrick.

When St. Patrick is the most prominent figure to bring Christianity to Ireland on the day of St. Patrick is celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, a celebration and a day of obligation. The party also officially celebrated by the Church of Ireland, the Irish branch of the Anglican Communion. The day is marked with special programs of the liturgy and of breaking the fast of Lent.

Few details are known about the historical mission of St. Patrick in Ireland, despite the many legends connected with his work, and play an important role in Irish culture. Clover cooperation with St. Patrick comes from the popular belief that St. Patrick used the three leaves of the plant to explain the Holy Trinity of Catholicism in Ireland says.

The party is also widely celebrated as a secular celebration of Irish culture. organize cities around the world parades and St. Patrick's celebrations to mark the occasion, with many people involved in the  use of the green.  Popularized by the communities of Irish immigrants, the parties typically traditional Irish food and beverages, such as corned beef and Guinness.

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