The surprise side antibiotics

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Antibiotics have been widely used for various kinds of diseases caused by bacteria. But there are side effects of antibiotics are very surprising and not yet known. Something?

Antibiotics are substances or groups of drugs that can prevent the proliferation of various bacteria and harmful microorganisms in the body. In addition, antibiotics are also used to infectious diseases caused by protozoa and fungi.

One of the side effects of antibiotics are the most common digestive problems including diarrhea, nausea, cramps, swelling and pain.

Some people taking antibiotics, heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat, severe headaches, liver problems such as jaundice, kidney problems, such kecing dark water and kidney stones and neurological problems such as tingling in the hands and feet.

Adverse effects are most vulnerable women felt is a fungal infection of the reproductive organs that cause vaginal discharge, vaginal itching and odor and liquid.

People taking antibiotics are often the victims of allergies and even years. Allergies has happened to the rule that the itching and swelling of the mouth or throat.

People can take the antibiotics to the frequency of resistance or not to work with antibiotics. If a person resistant to antibiotics, certain diseases and infections that can not be processed requires, therefore, higher doses of antibiotics. The higher the dose of the most serious effects and potentially fatal.

The use of high doses may prescribe antibiotics and long term serious consequences sampaing that dysfunction or liver damage, tremors (involuntary movements of the body), white blood cells, brain damage, kidney damage, tendon rupture, coma, cardiac arrhythmia decreased (irregular heartbeat) and even death.

To avoid dangerous side effects of antibiotics, it is advisable to use antibiotics as directed dosage and administration.

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