The symptoms of an impending earthquake

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If there are clouds in the sky as the tornado wind / Like a tree / and mother, are fit, is a cloud of earthquakes, often before the earthquake.
irregularly shaped cloud that occurs because of the great powers of electromagnetic waves in the depths of the earth, so that electromagnetic waves in a position to  suck  in the clouds, if a cloud of low-end vacuum.
Powerful electromagnetic waves are themselves the result of an error or a change in the plates of the earth. But the emergence of such a cloud of earthquakes in the sky does not always mean that it will be an earthquake. In fact, it could be very good.

When the TV suddenly empty or distribute flickering / shaking, Fax flashing lights, but not the text we receive and fluorescent light is still dirty, even if there is no electricity, so it is not unusual electromagnetic wave is happening means, but invisible eyes and can not be felt by humans.

Check that the animals act as  missing  or flee weird / nervous. animal instincts are usually strong and animals can sense the electromagnetic wave.

Groundwater is a fleeing four signs are present or visible at the same time, now for the evacuation. Four of these are signs that it will probably be a great earthquake.
But the earthquake that strange clouds, which can not decide when the earthquake marked.

So do not expect more, if possible, take immediate steps to prevent the leak worse. If earthquake scale and the epicenter was offshore, we must always remember that the tsunami is coming. High waves tens of meters, are only two meters. But even if only two feet, do not play the waves. powerful force and the pressure can reach 190 kg.

Hope can be useful, and can to be more vigilant in the expectation of a natural disaster happens.

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