10 Ways to Healthy Birth and Mind

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There are several ways to happiness, including physical and mental health to achieve. But psychologists said there are several ways to achieve healthy happiness inside and out. Something?

Everyone wants to be healthy physically and mentally, so they can release stress and pain. These emotional feelings are not only influenced by genes, but also many other things that can make you happy.

Happiness is something that should apply to everyone, but not aware of many things you can do to improve mood.

American Psychologist published a report in the journal Psychological Science, reveals the secret of happiness and breaks in the ten factors.

In addition, the magazine shows that there are little things that feel themselves to be an important key to happiness.

Just a bit of luck is to provide a variety of diseases faster and face life may be extended up to 7 years.

1. Share your luck with other
2. The analysis of the pleasant memories of
3. Praise You
4. Concentrate on the good sense,
5. Always think positive and I think you can do better
6. The activities that you love
7. Pretend to be happy, even if you're not in a good mood
8. Celebrate the great moments of his life
9. Keep your fears and doubts dark thoughts
10. Tell as many times  thank you  as possible

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