Why anyone can be a dictator in Leadership?

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World often witnessed the power of dictators, end the humiliation and insult his own people.

There are also those who lead their lives by his own cruelty ended, as in the former Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu.

But what really makes someone to be cruel and a dictator? It turned out that the tendency of a person a dictator is not formed in a single night.

A study from Stanford University in 1971, had carried out experiments to test the tendency of people to power. In the study, a random group of students act as prisoners, while another group of guards as prisoners.

Their development was a student, the parents are caught and cruel and oppressive. On the other hand, began to students who served as prisoners, to be a man of the people. Last but not happy until a week later ready.

A study in 2010 and published in a magazine psychology that people feel and so proves to be bad at reading the emotions of others, but as people who feel poor.

After roofs Keltner, a researcher at the University of California-Berkeley, the people who are not the power to build alliances could be caused to others.

Meanwhile, people who have the power, Keltner said, you can usually what I wanted.  When the power, there will be more active in their social environment,  said Keltner LiveScience.

Then that person will not read the feelings of others as well.  They will not understand the important social conditions, such as poverty,  said Keltner.

No wonder the power to someone impulsive, selfish and out of proportion. Even if it means that people are isolated.

A study published in Psychological Science, 2009, said people were thinking  trained  that you are in power, which often believe they can control the situation, also in random order, as if he was  playing  with the dice.

Therefore, a tyrant like Hosni Mubarak, usually a combination of: Stop the mad energy, listen to the people even believe it still has control over random events.  The illusion of control can be a way in which power would lead to his death.

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