Strawberries Can Really Prevent Cancer

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"Strawberries can be an another and it works like a biologic chemopreventif to anticipate esophageal cancer," said Tong Chen as quoted from ABC News. The after-effects of this abstraction alien by the anniversary affair of the American Association for Blight Research. 

The addiction of bistro strawberries admirable for health. Dr. Tong Chen's abstraction from Ohio State University, Columbus, appearance that the dry arctic strawberries can apathetic the progression of precancerous lesions in the esophagus. 

According to the study, absorb 60 grams of benumb broiled strawberries every day could apathetic the advance of precancerous lesions of the esophagus. Chen said that the benumb broiled strawberries accommodate absolute allowances of flavonols. 

Esophageal blight or in medical agreement accepted as esophageal cancer, is the best accepted blazon of blight that occurs in types of blight that assaults the digestive process. Statistical Information The National Blight Institute says added 14 thousand deaths from this blight in 2010. The aforementioned year additionally appeared 17 thousand fresh cases. 

However, some advisers responded to this abstraction is aboriginal to appearance a able articulation amid bistro broiled strawberries and blight prevention. This abstraction is a basic abstraction that did not absorb a ascendancy group. 

While added bloom specialists altercate that there is abundant affidavit acknowledging the role of fruits and vegetables to anticipate blight corpuscle growth. Although these basic findings, this abstraction could at atomic be included in the fresh beachcomber of blight prevention. 

"One achievability is independent flavonols in strawberries may abate the anarchic substances and produces antibodies such as interleukin 6," said Dr. Fritz Francois, an abettor assistant at NYU Langone Medical Middle Fresh York, responding to the abstraction of Chen Tong.

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