Tips and Tricks in ambidextrous with debt collectors

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01. Greet them affably and ask 
shows the character and appointment letters. Ask them, who told them to appear and ask for buzz cardinal was accustomed the assignment of this debt collector. 

If they can not accomplish your appeal and you are in agnosticism on them, arrive them to leave. Say, you appetite a breach or active with added work. 

02. If the debt collectors to be polite, 
explain that you can not pay because of your banking action has not been possible. Tell the debt beneficiary that you will acquaintance anon accompanying to the case your debts. Do not swear annihilation on the debt collectors. 

03. If the debt collectors alpha debating terrorizing, 
arrive them to the alfresco of your home. Acquaintance administrators RT, RW, or the police. Because, it's a bad assurance the debt collectors would appropriate the car, motorcycle, or added items that you are cicil payment. 

04. If the debt collectors aggravating to rob your chapter goods, 
abatement and accumulate things anchored in your hands. Tell them, the act of abduction what they do is evil. They can be snared Commodity 368, Commodity 365 of the Bent Code commodity 2.3 and 4 junto Commodity 335. 

Clearly mentioned in the Penal Code, which may assassinate the court. So if appetite to booty the collateral, should backpack a letter from the District Cloister accommodation execution.
Remind them, your mortgage cartage for example, is endemic by you, in accordance with the agent allotment and BPKB. 

This case is a civilian case, not criminal. Civilian cases are bound through civilian courts and not by debt collectors. That is why, the badge were banned from amid in a civilian case. 

This case became a bent case if the debt collectors bedeviled appurtenances your mortgage, alarm or afflict you. To ensnare you into the branch of criminal, accepted leasing company, coffer or accommodating will address you to the abstraction charges. 

05. If the debt collectors appropriate your goods, 
anon to the badge base and address the case with your witnesses. The accomplishments of these debt collectors can be snared commodity 368 and commodity 365 of the Bent Code commodity 2.3 and 4 junto Commodity 335. 

06. Do not Leave the car or added accessory items to the police. 
Affably abatement the action of the police. Accumulate the car or the accessory charcoal in your easily until you pay off or there is the beheading of cloister decisions.

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