Found the book as yet abstruse account blue-blooded "Bin There, Done That".

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Not alone claimed the afterlife of al-Qaida's cardinal one Osama Bin Laden, the United States additionally reveals the 'discovery value' that is accepted to acknowledge added about the abstruse organization. 

As declared by a chief U.S. official told CNN site, the area of Osama ambuscade in Pakistan's Abbottabad, begin 10 computer adamantine deejay drives, bristles computers and added than 100 abstracts accumulator accessory such as disc CD, DVD or USB beam disk. 

Also begin affirmation that may be a almanac of communications amid bin Laden with the Al-Qaeda lieutenants who are accepted to bare abeyant targets, cardinal guidelines in the administration of an organization, as able-bodied as the locations of added al-Qaeda operators. 

The U.S. government assertive that Osama computer accouterments acclimated to bear a bulletin to subordinates, subordinates, as a band-aid to the abridgement of blast and internet access in the ambuscade location. 

"The best absorbing is how we can get a adumbration into a accessible agitator plots now actuality agitated out, so we can stop any advance plan. Secondly, we are still aggravating to acquisition affirmation that leads us to added individuals aural this organization," said Head of the White House counter-terrorist John Brennan as appear by the Guardian website. 

More details, the annual New York Magazine, claims to get a archetype of the book from assembly aural the CIA. "With the advice of supercomputers that we bought several years ago for U.S. $ 3 billion (about Rp25, 6 trillion), we were able to assort the abstracts in the accouterments endemic by bin Laden in a diagram," said NYMag. 

The abstracts in the computer Osama Bin Laden 

From the allegation of the magazine, the better allocation of the stored abstracts (34 percent) were categorized pornographic files in a binder labeled "Old Tax Forms'. After that, best added NYMag claims abstracts is recorded ball alternation The Wire, with a allotment of 21 percent. 

The abutting better allocation is the MP3 files are downloaded by the accouchement of Osama, which is 15 percent. Alone again there is an centralized abstracts alignment Al-Qaeda (14 percent), including the names, apocryphal names, acquaintance info, and alike advice about a cardinal of allergies that diidap by associates of al-Qaeda. 

Interestingly, NYMag additionally acknowledge Osama recording abstracts during the average bottomward a acropolis and menembakkkan AK-47, and the abstracts independent book Osama's abstruse memoir, blue-blooded "Bin There, Done That". 

However, until now no added media letters that reinforce the absolute claims of this NYMag. How do you think? Would you accept with these findings?

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