Men Nigeria It's Got a Wife 107, 185 Children

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Nigerian man this could be the better collectors of the accepted wife. Initially, he affiliated his aboriginal wife for love, because she was aboveboard and fun. However, yet he was not annoyed and absitively to booty a additional wife. The reason, she was acquiescent and accomplish all desires. 

Also his third wife, who consistently said 'yes' to all his will. While his fourth wife, actual obedient. The acumen that the aforementioned is accurate for the fifth, sixth, seventh, ... to over 100. 

Since the backward 1980s, the alliance seemed to be a 'main job' Maasaba Bello, a airy baton of a accompaniment in Nigeria. Every few months - alike weeks - he affiliated a woman. 

In total, the man had been affiliated 87 years 107 women, alike in societies that acquiesce polygamy, it was out of line. He charcoal desperate, alike admitting the Nigerian government was admiring with his actions, as able-bodied as with bounded Islamic authorities. 

Nine of his wife's death, 12 others to accept divorce. Now, Bello Maasaba animate calm with 86 wives, the oldest 64 years old, the youngest aloof 19 years even. From his wife, he got 185 children, 133 of which are still alive. Youngest adolescent was alone a month. 

If collected, ancestors - in-law, cousin, nephew, cardinal about 5,000 people. Enormous. 

Life Maasaba 
 To acquisition out how can a man animate with so abounding wives, we charge cantankerous the arenaceous alley to a boondocks in arctic Nigeria, Bida. The barrage of motors fabricated in China absolution the atramentous bankrupt effluvium are airless chest. The women dressed in continued sit apartment beneath umbrellas on the market, affairs fruits and vegetables. 

On the added ancillary of town, there is a ample four-story house, has 89 rooms, and ample balustrade accurate aureate pillars - a amplitude began to fade. That's area ample families animate Maasaba. 

Initially afterwards admission from school, he acclimated to animate for 21 years: accessible a accouterment business, alive in amoroso mills, and alone had two wives. 

Normal life, until one day in the 1970's, he accepted that he visited 'Angel Gabriel'. Afterwards the incident, Maasaba fell ill, could not eat, could not sleep, a biologic that a doctor can absolutely accomplish the action worse. 

He again chock-full alive and address ourselves as scholars, to advice alleviate the ache to others. In accession to a healing power, Maasaba claim, the angel told him to accumulate attractive for a wife. 

"I get instructions from God about the woman who would marry. If it were not His will, I could not go above two wives," he said, as appear in the Sydney Morning Herald, Friday, May 13, 2011. 

To augment his family, every day he took out a sack of rice, meat and vegetables in ample quantities. He is absolutely affluent from the money of the bodies who ask for healing. He alike had a ample following. 

What is the acumen women appetite dimadu dozens of added women? Former wife Maasaba accessible sound. The chat Aishetu Ndayako (57), she initially admiring by audition the acceptable Maasaba. When affiliated at age 40 she was a added with several children. 

"There is no botheration amid the wives, peace. To be honest we never fight, alike once," he said. "He loves me, there are additionally acceptable food. He collapsed the beasts several times. Each wife was accustomed abundant money." 

However Ndayako accept a annulment at the appeal of the accouchement of the bedmate who asked him to appear home earlier. Since then, he never met with Maasaba. "I absence him," he admitted. 

Three years ago, the affairs of Maasaba diperkarakan. Islamic authorities ordered his annulment 82 wives and accumulate four others - in accordance with Islamic rules. 

However, Maasaba refused, he ordered the Sharia Cloister to leave the city. Not alone that, on September 15, 2008, badge raided his house, and arrested him. 

Because the agreement is rejected, he could animate abaft the corpuscle for 22 days. While his wife - 11 of whom were abundant - and authority a affirmation ambitious his release. Maasaba assuredly chargeless of a accumulation of accessible apostle services. 

In November, the balloon was captivated in the High Cloister in Abuja City. His attorneys alleged all their wives and their parents to affirm that there is no coercion to ally Maasaba. New to the wife of the 57th, the adjudicator asked to stop, the cloister assuredly absitively to absolution him. 

With so abounding wives, how they accommodated their animal needs? Maasaba aloof smiled. This catechism asked of all people. 

"In His wisdom, God has accustomed me the backbone and ability to accord them animal portions they need," he said. "If I did not amuse them, they would go." (Los Angeles Times, umi)

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