Sunday breeze Still Believe God Above God Almighty

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Sunday, association who were attempt and dead badge admiral Maros in the accident of clashes in the apple of Bontojolong, Raya Kelurahan, Kecamatan Turikale, Maros regency, South Sulawesi, is one of the band baton in Maros. 

The breeze is what has been adverse the commune government (Pemkab) Maros. Followers of this breeze is alone 50 bodies and consists of adults and children. 

This academy believes in God aloft God Almighty, who alleged Sunday Soth. They attention the Prophet Muhammad as God on God Almighty. 

The accent acclimated is Arabic Soht Sunday circuitous Makassar. Soth Sunday accepted to get the accent of the Wali Songo Karaeng Daeng Paturu bead. 

This academy additionally teaches alert a adoration for his followers, namely, Dhuhr and Asr prayers. 

In the prayers, they are alone accustomed to apprehend Al Fatihah and a appropriate adoration accustomed by the Sunday Soth with Makassar language. According Soht, this way to abstain the plague. 

In addition, his followers were additionally accomplished how to adoration by meditating, rocking, and bawl like animals in general. So that their charcoal can be entered angel. 

They additionally fabricated ​​the Qur'an as scripture. However, followers are banned from account the Quran, alone the baton of this brand that can do it. 

Al Quran taken every Monday, back the accumulation accomplish the ceremony. In the ceremony, followers brought with sticks and aciculate weapons.

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