There's no Refuse! ASEAN just have Not Ready to Accept East Timor

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East Timor's appeal to accompany the fresh ASEAN will be brash abutting year. This is due to the abridgement of address of ASEAN to acquire East Timor, and carnality versa. 

Secretary-General of ASEAN, Surit Pitsuwan, speaking to the assembly of adopted countries in Indonesia, Monday, May 9, 2011, said that there was no bounce of the ASEAN affiliate countries at the Acme (Summit) ASEAN which took abode aftermost weekend. 

"I do not see any rejection, aloof a amount of timing and address of both sides," said Surin.
"The catechism is whether East Timor is not alone accessible to become a affiliate of ASEAN, but additionally whether ASEAN has the accommodation and is accessible to abstract the problems that will arise," she added. 

According to the Asean association pages Indonesia, Timor Leste's associates angle beneath application is strict. Singapore on several occasions afore the summit, said that the accepting of Timor Leste as a affiliate should be done afterwards the ASEAN Association was formed in 2015. 

Furthermore, Singapore provides one added option, namely accepting of Timor Leste afterwards the affair of Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam accept been established. 

Besides Singapore, some countries additionally objected to the achievability of cancellation of Timor Leste as a affiliate in the abreast future. Among them is the Laos who said that ASEAN should not be hasty in accepting Timor Leste. 

Finally, in yesterday's summit, ASEAN countries agreed not to access East Timor in associates this year. The altercation afresh about the achievability of cancellation of the fresh East Timor will be brash abutting year.
Surin said that requests to accompany accept been delivered again by the Prime Minister of Timor Leste, Xanana Gusmao. Surin advising Xanana to access the aboriginal few areas in the country to accommodate a aerial acceding ability to the added ASEAN countries.

"I brash him to access the assets in the acreage of minerals, gas, petroleum, fisheries, and trade. Afterwards that East Timor's associates will be critical," Surin said.

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