50 Unique Genesis World

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1. famous Russian composer Alexander Borodin, is also a distinguished professor of chemistry at San Petersburg.

2. in the state of Arizona, USA, have laws that prohibit the hunting of camels.

3. José Joaquín Araiza Cup Mexico won 15 times in a row.

4. Crocodile is able to act quickly once ground. If someone crocodiles, keep the law because the crocodile is very difficult to have to abruptly change the direction of criminal prosecution.

5. the distance from Honolulu to New York further from Honolulu to Japan.

6. Click the mouse once past 0.0000024 kcal energy. This means that if you eat a piece of chocolate, you must click the mouse to create one calorie 765551000.

7. Mikhail Botvinnik was the only person who ever world champion on three occasions. With all of the world champion in the 20 Century, and the instructor at the beginning and Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov. He never plays chess for fun!

8. Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, commemorate St. Patrick in 1965 by pouring green dye into the river at 45.36 kg of Chicago. St. Patrick's Day is always associated with the color green.

9. The construction of the Empire State Building in New York with the construction of 22nd January 1930 start. But Governor Alfred Smith, an ordered prominent Irish-American, his building up to the day of St. Patrick, in honor of the Irish heritage in the city has been delayed.

10. St. Patrick was not Irish. He is a British citizen, the opportunity to Wales, Ireland and never seen until he was kidnapped by robbers in Ireland.

11. Cats have an incredible power of the public. Ear cat has 30 muscles that control the outer ear, while the people only have six muscles. These muscles rotate 180 degrees until they are in all directions, without hearing the head.

12. End of the Beatles song A Day In The Life posted ultra whistle that can be heard by dogs. The sound was recorded by Paul McCartney for Shepherd Shetlandnya.

13. Windmills are often a symbol of the Netherlands for the first time created in Iran in 644 years. This plant was used to grind grain.

14. Mid-1990, the average visitor to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States each day, more than 13,000 people. Due to the fragile natural environment, now is the number of visitors to this place is very limited.

15. During Nyepi, the Hindu Dharma does not traveling (lelungan note), no fire / lamp (see Geni) does not work (see work) is not permitted, fun (lelanguan Note) have.

16. In 1984, Jeff Bezos says that the name of your Internet business Cadabra, as in Abracadabra - or Voila. But his lawyer assured him that the English name that sounds very similar to that of the body (body). Accordingly the second option Bezos, Amazon.com.

17. Beginning of the 20th Century equivalent boxes often lasted up to hundreds of awards round. The wrestlers are competing with bare fists, without boxing gloves.

18. after a thief and a murderer with his brother Jesse, Frank James lived in peace for 32 years. He sold souvenirs at the farm of James, as a shoe salesman and an inspector in theaters in Missouri, USA worked.

19. the supermarket, the products are generally cheaper on the bottom shelf down, while the next most expensive is in sight.

20. human body has about 2 million sweat glands. The average adult loses 540 calories per liter of sweat, sweating men and 40% more than women.

21. Name Fagin contained pickpockets in the works, named Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens' novel of Charles Dickens's best friend, Bob Fagin.

22. As the young sea cucumbers red algae, mussels were fed, so it turns red.

23. Jana Bellin Malypetrova Hartstone Miles, chess player UK women is also an anesthesiologist, he thought was the right job for chess players. As for the risk and the time available, only four minutes.

24. Jana Bellin Malypetrova Hartstone Miles, chess player UK women is also an anesthesiologist, he thought was the right job for chess players. As for the risk and the time available, only four minutes.

25. Shave the beard and mustache, do not have the astronauts special shaver with vacuum as the vacuum, his hair flying in the room cut vacuum.

26. before the center of the automotive industry is the city of Detroit in the United States in the center of cigars and chewing tobacco and snuff.

27. Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan are the only two countries in the world do not share a border with the sea and from the countries bordering the sea is limited as well.

28. U.S. divorce rates are highest in the world, 20.7 per 1000 marriages. This number Olen followed by Denmark, which is 13.1.

29. Venus the sun rises in the west and east, to reverse that on Earth. Venus is outstanding from east to west, unlike the Earth and other planets.

30. The first census in the United States 1 March 1790 carried out. The results show that the population was the United States at that time $ 3,929,214.

31. a sneeze can reach speeds of 250 kmh.

32. Texas is the only state that has never been under six flags, namely Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, Confederate States of America and the United States.

33. after the Detroit Free Press, 68 percent of all professional hockey players never lose at least one tooth.

34. Rodrigo de Triana was the sailors of Columbus' ship Pinta in the group that the country 12th in America Discovered in October 1492.

35. if you sleep in the winter, guinea pigs breathe the earth ten times per hour, while if it is active, breathing, 2,100 times per hour.

36. when commercial telephone service between New York and London was introduced in 1927, the cost for the first three minutes of conversation, a U.S. $ 75

37. The figures for the two opposite sides of the cube, which is accessible through 7.

38. 1931, an entrepreneur named Robert Ilg built the Leaning Tower of Niles, a replica of the Tower of Pisa, with half its original size outside the city of Chicago, Illinois, USA. He lived in the tower for several years.

39. Nicholas Breakspear was the only Englishman who had served as pope. Pope Adrian IV Office was called and his term lasted from 1154 to 1159th

40. Save icon in Microsoft Office is a diskette with a cover, which is the opposite.

41. According to Aristotle, the heart, where the existence of human emotions.

42. when it was opened in 1965, was the Astrodome in Houston, the largest air-conditioned rooms in the world. It is said that 18 to reach to the level of construction in space.

43. any queen or queen named Jane has been murdered, imprisoned, gone mad, died young, or is overthrown.

44. in the early days of film industry in Hollywood, movie stars have to offer their own clothes for the production of the film.

45. estimated in the mid-1920s, that each year the city of Detroit, Michigan, United States produce 210 million cigars and chewing tobacco, snuff £ 6,350,300.

46. Table tennis game in 1880 by the late James Gibb, a British engineer created. The first player puts champagne cork as a ball cap and a cigar box that pemukulnya.

47. Cockroach has exceptional durability. If the head from his body carefully so as not to bleed removed, cockroaches can be used for several weeks, and to survive starvation.

48. the sport of table tennis called in a principle Gossima. When the market first champagne bottles are used as the ball is replaced with a ball made of celluloid. After the name of the manufacturer of table tennis in 1901, the game became very popular.

49. 28. January 1687 adopted the Tsunayoshi Tokugawa Japan a law against killing animals and eating all fish, seafood and poultry.

50. Akebono Taro, also known as Chadwick Haheo Rowan (sumo wrestler), a non-Japanese who first reach the level of yokozuna, the highest level in the game in the country, traditional wrestling.

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