One biographer claims to acquisition a red cilia about UFOs, the CIA and the Kennedy assassination.

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The news that combines annihilation of U.S. Admiral John F Kennedy with a UFO is a 'gold mine' for the cabal theorists. But, that's what the columnist claimed, William Lester.
In his research, he claims to acquisition a announcement accounting by Kennedy to the CIA. The Admiral asked for arcane advice about UFOs.
In a announcement that was never appear before, printed November 12, 1963. Its contents, Kennedy ordered the CIA administrator to accord him abstracts about UFO's, and explained to him, things are kept secret. Ten canicule later, 22 November 1963, JFK was attempt dead.
The certificate adds armament to the abstruseness surrounding the afterlife of Kennedy. But the best important question: whether the certificate was genuine? 

Lester, the abstruse researcher and columnist of "A Celebration of Freedom: JFK and the New Frontier" accepted he get the memo, and two launnya of the CIA beneath the Freedom of Advice Act. 

"The government consistently accessible abstracts afterwards a assertive aeon of time, you can ask for the documents," Lester said as loaded, 21 April 2011. He claimed to get the announcement in 2006 or 2007. 

Lester's claim, award that he can is a red cilia cabal theorists acceptance that the CIA dead Kennedy to anticipate bare the blind of UFO. "If Kennedy knew about the affair now than NASA or the CIA, who can guarantee, he will not acknowledge to the public?" he said. 

Lester said, Kennedy allegedly admiring about UFOs because of three reasons: He feared the Soviet Union (the adversary at the time) booty the UFO as U.S. aircraft administering annoying action. Secondly, maybe he is absorbed about the analysis of alien space, and the third, the admiral feared the accretion cardinal of UFO sightings. 

However, Lester's affirmation in doubt. A artisan at the JFK building in Boston said, clumsy to acquisition a carbon archetype of the announcement in the athenaeum of the admiral - which food all the coffee Kennedy's letter. "We do analysis into the Presidential athenaeum to try to acquisition affirmation of 12 November 1963 letter to the Administrator of the CIA, John McCone," said the technician. However, annihilation else.
In addition, the architecture is not the aforementioned as a abstruse announcement accounting by Kennedy during his administration.

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