5 Ways How to Increase Alexa Traffic Rank

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Alexa ranking? Hmm I really do not understand very well, many say it is a traffic rank blog / website. Many bloggers are forgotten, the Alexa ranking, bloggers larger than the main Google Page Rank Alexa Ranking. But there are many providers of advertising pages (especially abroad) are Alexa Ranking Google PageRank, why not? I am also less tau: The blogger is not competent at a distance, of course, I'm still learning from these blogs over the neighbors of the experiment. From my research, I find that many blogger friends who are accepted into the program or Pay Per Post Pay Per Review count on Alexa ranking, but not the least with only a PR 1 PR even 0th This does not mean we forget Google Page Rank, but nothing would happen if we try to improve our Alexa ranking.

Here are some tips that you do to improve the Alexa ranking artificially. Grab some of the tips of my search results Webmaster both locally and internationally, can be useful for all my friends.

* Install the Alexa toolbar is a fundamental step in your browser
, which is to ensure that the browser you have installed the Alexa toolbar. If you have installed the Alexa toolbar, it is possible to follow the progress of our Alexa ranking, except that with every visit to our blog, then Alexa as a visitor. Imagine how often we visit our blog when we published in our blog. Too bad it is not served by Alexa as a visitor / traffic. Those who have not installed the Alexa toolbar installed on the following link.

To add a widget on my blog Alexa please visit the following link.

* Tell others who use Alexa toolbar. Invite people to install Alexa Toolbar is a step that is fast enough to increase your Alexa ranking blogs.
With his blog invites visitors to install the Alexa toolbar and then when she visited her blog mengindexnya Alexa just come as you have the Alexa toolbar installed browser.

* Install the webmaster tools on his blog. An example is the installation of a heavy tool cutting tool color codes and so on. It is a magnet for your blog, people visit again and again to his blog to access this tool.

* Make Alexa category in Ihrem Blog.

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