healthy way to delay hunger

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1. Fish 
   Instead choose meat or poultry on a plate in the main menu, choose fish. Dr. Susana, a nutritionist from
   Australia, the satisfaction is higher than the fish eat chicken and meat.

2. Fruit juice is not fruit juice containers filtered Avoid. 
    It is best not to your own juice filtered. Fruits, which destroyed because they contain a mixture of fibers 
    were to create a feeling of fullness when I drink.

3. Cover your nose
    When the smell of bread, bread or a muffin that had grown up alone, they can increase
    the appetite. To avoid this, next to the nose. This method can induce the secretion of insulin you think that 
    if  you are hungry does.

4. Carrots
    Carrot eating raw is a vegetable that also beautiful in a natural state. According to the research team in
    Spain, of course, can not eat carrots.

5. Make vitamin that the body was found with good nutrition.
    If you think the use of questions such as vitamins. This is because if your body feels the lack of food,
    increases the appetite. To be hungry and eat more.

6. Lunch at Lightmaker lights in the dining room in a state of light. 
   According to a study by a team from the University of Illinois, USA, which regularly triggers a person to
   eat too much.

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