Turn off the Lights for Earth Hour, then Take Additional Steps to make a Difference

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The main goal of the campaign to Earth this year, hours will remain the same as in previous years, that continue to increase energy efficiency and changes in lifestyle in big cities with the consumption of high performance and try them on possible new sources link from clean renewable energy and any effects on the environment.
Basically, this campaign reminds everyone that life energy is not enough to participate in  Earth Hour , but this small action should continue to be tested daily in order to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is environmentally friendly by changing lifestyles, as follows by public transport or travel by bike, protection of water resources, planting trees, etc.

In the long term, the Earth Hour and raise the spirit of leadership in all spheres of governments and companies are adjusted in these countries clearly participants, energy efficiency and use of new renewable energy can be carried out as part of its policy of integration to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases worldwide .

During Earth Hour can not be stopped in an hour, but it is expected that the governments of the countries of the participants and the public required to participate to be adjusted.

Land that time exceed the hour turn off the lights for Earth Hour, then further steps towards a differenceAfter 1 hours make, make lifestyle!

Target: 5000 reaching more than 1 billion people worldwide in over cities.
Include communities in over 6000 cities and municipalities and to work with a lot of dough.
Changing lifestyles of people who are environmentally friendly.
Support for the mandate of the total raised to world leaders so that they can make a significant change.

The power consumption in Indonesia is focusing on Java - Bali or equal to 78% of the total electricity consumption in the country, since 68% of consumers on the island of Java and Bali. Other parts of Indonesia have smaller portions.

What is the size of the effect of Earth Hour in Jakarta?
Turn off the lights and electronic devices can not be used for 1 hour to help save power in Jakarta and on energy efficiency programs by the government of 17.00 bis 22.00 clock support initiated.

If 10% of the inhabitants of the city participate in  Earth Hour , then save electricity consumption was 300MWh Jakarta, the amounts: Stopping a feeding site and put the 900 village saves? CO2Saves 267.3 tonnes more than 267 trees in shares (a tree can absorb a tonne of CO2 over 20 years of his life)? O2 for more than 534 people (a tree is in a position to provide O2 for 2 to 20 years of his life) If (300MWh 1.080.000MJ =) X = Rp 200/MJ save up to 216.6 million rupees.
** 10% of urban residents, 700,000 people are expected to delete two fires per household.

- Earth Hour is a strategic move: the public that climate change and the fossil fuels from the use of energy efficiency plans in promoting cities with the population and the consumption of electricity is derived remember wasted.
Create and public awareness about the life of the energy efficiency in large cities of Java-Bali, the crisis of electricity supply and distribution, and possible meet sources of electricity in Indonesia to the needs of local communities in a broader perspective further changes may conduct and incentives in the economy.

- Is there a policy of  Earth Hour  to assist in Indonesia?
Act No. 30 of 2007 on Energy. Presidential Instruction No. 5 of 2006 No. energy efficiency policies. Presidential Section 5 of 2005 on the power number efficiency. Presidential Section 2 of 2008 on energy efficiency and resolution is not water governor. 70 2009 of over energy conservation. Instruction Governor of Jakarta No. 73 of 2008 on the implementation of energy efficiency and water.
Governor of Jakarta No. 33 of 2008 Political criteria for the energy use in air conditioning systems of the Government building other than on climate change and departments of the National Climate Change.

The purpose of the camp  Earth Hour IGN 2011capture many individuals, households and businesses to the lamp as a symbol of their contribution to climate change change Educating the public about the threat of global warming and what individuals do to make a change in their daily lives, can be reduced to their holdings in companies emissions attract Earth undertake Hour, employees and external networks, turn off light at a certain time, and changes in policy on energy use Enabling communities, changes to the way life environmentally friendly friendly providing good precedent for Earth Hour will change make any year Measuring emissions of greenhouse gases Jakarta Getting?
message campaign turn the lights Saturday 26 March 2011 at 20.30 bis 21.30 clock clock (local time). We hope that millions of people around the world will turn off their lights for one hour to a full explanation. Show that you care about climate change. Small actions can be big changes.

The aim of the government. The provincial government of DKI Jakarta and regional governments in the provinces of Java - Balibo. Secretariat of the Presidency, Kemen LH, Kemen ESDM, DPE, DEN, PLN, Indonesia Power message: Adapted EARTH HOUR OF THE GOVERNMENT- The Car Free Day recognizes the need for policy makers and urban public life in these cities.

Top-class home environment message: Stop light equipment and e-mail is not used Lifestyle changes - not only energy efficiency but also reach out to intelligent life with the resources and waste management.

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