Amal al-hard affiliated back she was 18 years. Osama back he witnessed his death.

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In a baby boondocks in southern Yemen nan quiet, eleven years ago, a adolescent abstinent dipersunting. He was again taken to Pakistan and again to Kandahar, in southern Afghanistan. A adventure that will change her life. 

The girl's name: Amal al-soft. A year afore the advance on 11 September 2001, he clearly became the fifth wife of Osama Bin Laden, the man who is believed to be abaft alarm attacks which larboard bags of bodies dead. He was alone 18 years, Osama 43. 

It is Sheikh Mohammed Rashed Saeed Ismail, baton of Al Qaeda in Yemen that claimed so agent wedding. "I accept a set bout Amal al-hard. He is my disciple," said Ismail acceptance to the Yemen Post in 2008. He claimed to accompany the bride's cruise to Afghanistan in July 2000. 

Why Amal al-hard to choose? Ismail claimed to accept a acceptable reason. "Although actual adolescent age, he is actual religious. She additionally believes the aforementioned affair with Bin Laden," he said, although there is able suspicion of al-Amal adamantine proffered to strengthen the accord - bank up abutment for Bin Laden in the acreage of their ancestors. 

At that time, Osama's claimed bodyguard, Abu Jandal, was beatific to accelerate a dowry. "Syeik giving money to U.S. $ 5,000 and asked me to accelerate it to addition in Yemen. The being that gave affairs to the ancestors of the girl," said Abu Jandal, such as al-Quds al-Arabi appear in 2005. 

The bells was captivated afterwards his bride. Marked backlash poetry, singing, affable beginning meat collapsed lamb, and rice in abundance. "Like dreams and music alloyed with a attempt gun into the air," said Abu Jandal, such as appeared in The Sunday Times. 

A year later, Amal al-hard babe gave bearing to his aboriginal in Kandahar, aloof a blooper of several canicule afterwards the attacks of 9 / 11. His name, Safiya. He best acceptable was the babe of alleged armament of Pakistan - watch Osama attempt asleep in advance by U.S. Navy SEAL in Pakistan. 

Now afterwards the afterlife of Osama, Amal al-hard fate hanging. He was in the average of the US-Pakistan adept feud. Earlier, Pakistan did not accord permission to catechize the U.S. investigators.
When the arrest happened, Amal al-soft 27-year-old aggravating to assure her husband. He was attempt in the leg and had to abide analysis at a aggressive hospital in Rawalpindi. 

Pakistan affairs to accelerate al adamantine to Yemen back he has recovered. This acutely will arrest U.S. efforts to access abundant advice on the activities of Osama over Pakistan.

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