5 Steps to Overcoming Fear

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This figure exceeded the expectations of Warwick, and much less than 25 percent of respondents said that the fear of the dark, since I was a child. As adults, we could not sleep when it is accompanied by a desk lamp all night.

In fact, were 60 percent of respondents do not turn off the lights when you leave the house, out of fear that is when I get home dark and quiet.

Fear of the dark by psychologists often nyctophobia. Sometimes, this disease is a teacher, and made him feel weak and scared.

For some people, this fear paralyzed, so you do not enjoy the activities that you need to walk at night, camping, or exploring nature.
And it is not only experienced by women, you know.

When you are in the dark, you can manipulate the mind  and a spokesman for Warwick Castle. As expected, the study also found that 20 percent of adults suffer from terrible panic when the lights die without prior notice.

Of course I could not help but notice the dark because we see every day. Therefore, each person trying to overcome that fear. Is there any way that we can slowly eliminate this disease?

1. Give priority logic.

Most fear is not logical, natural and emotional. By applying the logic of the seemingly opposite emotional problems, but it is not.

Suppose you are in bed and wanted to go to the bathroom, but was afraid to leave because it's a shadow in the corner. Immediately turn the room and see what happens in the shadows.

Once you begin to feel the fear of control, begin to overcome reasonable fear with facts. You see, what bothers you. Maybe it was just a shadow hanging clothes in the back door.

2. Nachtsichtger√ɤte.

If we are moving from a bright room in a dark room, we can certainly see nothing. But by and by, our eyes begin to grasp objects in space.

Try the things he does speak. Being able to describe what you see, are the visual sense of the evening will increase, and reduces anxiety.

3. Read inspiring Todays.

Horror film said, often by people who are perceived cowards. Because I could not imagine what would happen if all the horrors he lived.

But instead of watching or reading horror novels at bedtime, the selection of the best inspirational readings. Whether religious books, spiritual, movitasi nothing that warm the heart. Read here are relaxed and sleepy.

4. Meditation, visualization and prayer.

Meditation before bed was a lot of people can do to relax your body and mind and overcome stress and anxiety.

Prayer helps us feel protected against the environment, while the screen is a good way to prepare your mind in the morning, can be received in the night.

If you are sitting or lying in bed, imagine you are somewhere that you want. Learn how to walk and enjoy the place.

Look at the clear sky, and feel the warmth of the sun. So imagine also the beautiful sky with stars and the moon at night decorated.

5. Invite a friend in the streets at night.

One way to overcome fear is to deal with it. Walking in the dark was accompanied by some people to walk with confidence and courage.

No need to say much, just enjoy the sounds of nature around you, the chirping of crickets and wind gusts made the trees like. It would be great if the moon is full, and you can enjoy the beautiful night.

Most people are so afraid of the dark, for he had suffered side effects. If this happens, try to make peace with the incident. Then apply the five steps above.

They are more rational and soft. Remember, no good people who did not fear, but people can overcome their fears.

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